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Homeschool: Getting Started by Sis. Shaye Spell

1) Schedule your day. Four hours is plenty of time to complete a full day of schoolwork if you stick to a schedule. High school students may require a little more time for reading, essays, labs/reports, or electives.

Example: 8am-12pm is a perfect homeschool day. 2) Start each day gathered at the table for prayer. Pray that God gives you peace in your home, unity, obedience, and a willingness to learn. Read one chapter from the Bible (taking turns out loud) together as a family 3) Make rules. Have a “HOMESCHOOL RULES” poster or paper hanging where children can easily see it.

Example rules:

· Stay in your seat.

· Raise your hand if you have a question.

· Don’t interrupt your neighbor when they are talking or working.

· If you finish your work before others, work quietly on something until they are done.

· Be respectful.

4) Incorporate Breaks.

Take a 15-minute break for children 8 and younger every hour. 2-15 min break for ages 9-13 1- 15 min break for ages 14 and up. Expect that it may take at least a week or two for your children to get used to a schedule at home. Stick to one schedule and don’t change it up too often.

Additional things to keep in mind: Be very strict on behavior the first week, so your children will know that YOU are the boss. Keep noise level to minimum, especially if you have multiple children. You can insert "fun activities” the second week as a reward for obedience and good behavior. Don’t forget that YOU ARE CAPABLE!

Seek out help when you feel overwhelmed. Join a homeschool group or church group, and take it ONE DAY AT A TIME. GET OUT OF YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOL MENTALITY BOX! Don’t be afraid to challenge those little minds that you birthed! They are fully capable of being pushed and stretched to become whatever they want to be in life! Give them access to information, teach them with patience, hold them accountable to carry out responsibilities, and most of all…let them soar! ***Examples for “fun” educational rewards or activities: - Science Projects (check out Pinterest)

- Go outside to find/catch bugs or collect flowers/leaves to study. -Make a certain, culturally relevant food item together if studying a different country. (Math measurements are fun to teach/use when cooking). -Build something (example: Who can make the most interesting shape from toilet paper rolls?) -Attend a classical concert together (or listen to one). Then write an essay (or do an oral report) about how the music made you feel. Extra tips: Make sure to include physical education in your homeschool schedule or “outside playtime” for the littles. Find a homeschool group or church that you can join to help your child/children fellowship and socialize.

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I appreciate eveything about sister shaye have an amazing day god bless you


This is absolutely awesome what you're doing to help others I appreciate you sister spell God bless have a wonderful day

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