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Leading Through a Paradigm Shift with LTC Global by Pastor Tony Spell and Sis. Shaye Spell

We wanted to take a few moments to reiterate the purpose of becoming an LTC Global member, especially since many of you have received packages in the mail by now. As we navigate the challenges in the world today, it is vital to stay connected to the Body of Christ. The pandemic that started in 2020 created a paradigm shift in the Church. Across America and the world, we witnessed countless churches close their doors in response to government mandates that attempted to usurp the authority of the unchanging Word of God. God admonishes His people to NOT forsake the “assembling of ourselves together” (Hebrews 10:25). The power of unified fellowship, prayer, and assembly should not be taken lightly. It is needful for your spiritual development. In the book of Acts, we see the saints continuing TOGETHER in prayer and fellowship, and God added to the Church daily. It is our duty and responsibility as people of God to adhere to the Word of God no matter the season or governmental institutions that attempt to interrupt it.

LTC Global is an online extension to our main church campus here in Baton Rouge, LA. Our desire is to connect those who seek a Godly place of refuge and provide access to helpful and encouraging resources during this pivotal time for the Church. It is a strange feeling to endure when one’s pillar and foundation of faith experiences a cataclysmic change. Many saints around the world could not reconcile the dissonance created in their spirits from spiritual leaders choosing to disregard this important need to be together as people of God. Some still struggle with what is going on in the world. Some may never be the same—be it good or bad—because the deep parts of Faith for many were greatly affected.

While some avoid conversations about this sensitive topic, we thank God for the stance He has gifted us to take by remaining steadfast despite the arsenal of arrests, legal battles, scrutiny, attacks, bad press, defamation, and invasion of privacy to our personal lives and our church. In the chaos, God continues to add daily to His Church. In the darkness, the sun is always shining.

As we continue to build our LTC Global website and resources, we pray you are blessed by your membership with the LTC family. We pray you’re able to visit us in person as often as possible, and know that we are here to serve your needs. We hope you grow spiritually in your walk with Jesus Christ. If you’ve not received the Holy Ghost or been baptized in the Name of Jesus, feel free to ask us questions about this necessity for salvation. Join us for our online services. Watch the teachings from our El Magey Bible class and our Global videos. We strive to share a Global video each week. Send Bible questions.

We are also working on a way to structure what we may call LTC Global pods—a means to connect with members who may live in your particular area. Perhaps you may join a fellow congregant for coffee or even a live stream service to worship together. You might even be able to plan a trip to visit us here in Baton Rouge or to attend our annual Revolution conference in the summer. Please know we are considering various ways to stay connected and help you grow in Christ and in fellowship.

Remember that we’ve provided exemption forms on our LTC Global pages to help you as employers attempt to illegally encroach upon your civil and religious liberties. We pray you stand firm in your faith and know you have a family here at LTC.

We understand your distance may make connection feel strange, but we are just a phone call away. If you’d like to see anything specific on our website as we continue to address the needs of our congregation near and far, feel free to email that request or suggestion to

If you have any prayer requests or want to speak with us directly, feel free to email us at

We love you and pray the Lord richly blesses you.


Pastor Tony Spell & Sis. Shaye Spell

Life Tabernacle Church

9323 Hooper Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70818

October 2021 Court Date 19th JDC Baton Rouge, LA

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Gabrielle Breaux
Gabrielle Breaux
Nov 23, 2021

Thank you Rev. Tony Spell for all you do. I honored you the best I could glory to Jesus Christ and as I stated before you are a free man and I know the Lord will grant this request that all charges be dropped and your church is planted now. Glory to Jesus Christ. i don’t give no power to the enemy or his schemes. I believe you shall Prosper and be free In Jesus Christ name and ps I am in the prison working in st Tammany parish I definitely feel more like the apostle Paul if I wasn’t already like him wink wink. :)


Charles St-Pierre
Charles St-Pierre
Nov 01, 2021

Praise be unto God for the multiplication of blessings he has sent your way for your steadfastness and unabashed stance during these trying times. Reading letters like these and watching what is taking place at LTC and other events, some more difficult no doubt, has me wonder what it would be like to be an American as it would perhaps give me the ability to join with you every now and then. To have a wife that stands bedside you and is fully backing you up is a gem to be treasured and makes a man stronger. God bless the Spell's!!


U. Pebbles Dunn
U. Pebbles Dunn
Nov 01, 2021

Beautiful letter, so happy to be a part of the LTC Global Family. It is such a blessing to me. God bless you and stay encouraged in Jesus name.

Pebbles Dunn

Fall River,

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