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Hello Everybody, I am M. Bryan Taylor Jr.i live in "Nort" Louisiana in Harrisonburg. i am 59 years old. i am a PK. I am a retired/disabled offshore production operator. i attend LTCBR online on You tube or Facebook. i hope and plan to attend service in person soon. I used to attend LTCBR over 50 years ago when my Dad was assistant Pastor to Bro. B.A. Spell for about 2 years. I remember well running the isles there to singing from the Timothy Spell Trio. This was Timothy, Belinda and Deborah. it seemed like the power of God was always there in a Big way. I have some of the Best memories of my life while going to Church there and also attending Robert Livingston Academy while i was in the 2nd and 3rd grade.


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