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I stand with Pastor Tony Spell! I stand with Pastor Spell, his family and the entire membership of his church. I pray every day for Pastor Spell, his family and every member of his church there in Baton Rouge. And everywhere, but also pray for the actual members there in Baton Rouge especially. One of the (many) reasons I fell out of being a practicing Catholic is that I saw so much hypocracy from Church leaders. Although the blame falls on me completely, those reasons were not good reasons, like Pastor Spell has said in his sermons, "Go Anyway!" "Praise GOD Anyway!" I owe everything to Pastor Spell, his family and every single person who attends his services. But more than that, Pastor Spell is almost alone in standing strong with God and not bowing once to the humans who want to be god. I see so many churches giving up and giving in.


Irish Girl

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