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I love all things true in righteousness. I love just weights and balances. I love music. I am a homeschooling mom and am a proponent of health and most recently (since March of 2020) a proponent of prophecy matters and like to share the info. My used-to-be dreams were to write a book, invent something (which I had attempted), be a star in a Sit-Com Comedy on T.V., make singing recordings, and to make Real Estate deals. My current dreams are to teach & reach & pray my child into walking in the ways of the LORD, playing the keyborad & singing in the choir, and to help people in need. Before Jesus, I was severely confused about life. But, something beautiful happened -- all my confusion Jesus understood and He made something beautiful out of my life (hey, I don't mean perfection in this corruptible body. Perfection in a glorified body is coming real soon). He gave me beauty for ashes. I love Jesus! Proverbs & Ecclesiastes are my two favorite books.


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