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Aug 10, 2021
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I; and I have many other friends and family members; that will not take the fake vaccine. However, some Business's may require us to be vaccinated or wear a mask, both which are detrimental or deadly to your health, in order to remain employed,. Some of the masks you buy in the stores, (the blue ones) are laced with Graphene Oxide, a poison that can cause; and I quote from an article on the internet: oxidative stress, [which is the cause of many diseases], loss in cell functionality, pro-inflammatory responses and mitochondrial damage. In other word it messes with your DNA. Not to mention the problems caused by re-breathing your own germs, bacteria and carbon dioxide, causing lack of oxygen. One Doctor said the some of the vaccines also have Graphene Oxide in them. Don't take the Vaccine! I have heard that if you refuse due to Religious Freedom, no one can force you to be vaccinated. I have heard about Hospitals in Texas requiring employees to get vaccinated, then requiring them to sign a paper saying they took it voluntarily, which is just wrong. That paper prevents the person from suing the business for complications or death from the vaccine. We as Lions, not sheeple, need to stand up, stand our ground and just say NO. I have the freedom to say no, but THEY won't listen to me. With God by my side and using my freedom of religion, I can say NO, and THEY have to listen! Hal Grider


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