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I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST. I am non-denominational- non- dispensationalzionist- non-HRM 'meaning I do NOT agree nor keep any form of Judaism and its doctrines. I am not SDA. I believe we are to have home churches, not to be 501c3 incorporated. I believe and hold to the seventh-day Sabbath. I am Apostolic in Who JESUS IS in HIS ONENESS. and to be Baptized in JESUS name and that we are to go on and seek for the Baptism of The HOLY SPIRIT. I am a student in Scriptural PROTESTANT REFORMED Historicists view as to Estccotology. I do not partake in any of the pagan holidays. A Nonconformist is a Protestant Christian who did not "conform" to the governance and usages of the established State church, I stand for Liberty and Freedom given to us by JESUS CHRIST KING of kings LORD of lords. And upheld by The Constitution an of The Bill of Rights in JESUS Mighty name AMEN

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