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LTC Global is specifically designed to help facilitate engagement with our online family whose distance from the church exceeds our bus routes or the ability to drive on a regular basis. We still live in the middle of chaotic and trying times in our world. The ongoing pandemic-related impacts to the Church and government infringement on civil and religious liberties may not end anytime soon. Nevertheless, we will continue to assemble as always and do the will of the Almighty God.


We pray the resources here will help guide you and your family in your personal relationships with Christ. We pray you live boldly in this world that has cowered to fear and control. And if you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. To learn more about the history of Life Tabernacle Church, click here.

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Complete the TWO steps below. If you attend Life Tabernacle Church in person, please do not complete these steps. Thank you.


First, become a website member by clicking the login bar: 

Complete the form below, including your physical mailing address. After these steps are complete, we will contact you and make additional resources on our website available to use.

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