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"Make It Happen!" - Pastor Tony Spell

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Sunday School


At Life Tabernacle, we believe that Sunday school is a vital part of the church, and the lifeline to reaching the youth and families of today’s world. In each class, we strive to create an environment where adults and children will feel safe & loved while building a solid spiritual foundation. 

Various methods are used to make our Sunday School Department a

one-of-a-kind ministry that captivates the attention of hundreds of young people from across South Louisiana every single Sunday. The excitement starts from the time each rider boards a bus or arrives on campus. Our bus drivers and captains create a dynamic experience with games and songs, and the kids are often given snacks and prizes during their journey to and/or from the campus.

Classes consist of various activities such as singing worship songs, learning the Word of God through skits, object lessons, and puppets, fun games, hot breakfast, giveaways, etc.

Most importantly, we never end a Sunday without giving everyone an opportunity to pray at the altar, get baptized, and receive the Holy Ghost!

Adults also have the opportunity to hear the Word of God and fellowship in the main sanctuary.

Emily H.

Chief of Staff


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