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Illegal Cameras Update

Just a little while ago today, Entergy stopped by and removed one of the illegal surveillance cameras that’s been on our property since around March 2020 (Pictures below). The second one still remains. When asked who gave the work order, the worker refused to state. Or rather he said it was given by phone. He also only agreed to let us take pictures of the camera if we stopped recording.

This is only one of a PLETHORA of oppressive tactics we have experienced since choosing to keep the doors of the church open against unconstitutional and intrusive Government mandates. We’ve been followed, slandered, defamed, and lost many friends because of our radical stand. Yet we have also gained so much and seen many souls baptized in the Name of Jesus and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The work for the Kingdom continues. We will continue to fight the good fight of Faith. We will continue to fight for our civil and religious liberties for generations present and to come. We will continue to fight even while others remain silent.

“The early church swept the world with strange joy that thrived on trouble and prospered in persecution. Brethren, count it all joy.” -Pastor Tony Spell

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