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Justice: "Was his defiance just a little too public for y'all?"

On March 22, 2022, the Louisiana Supreme Court on Royal Street in New Orleans held a 930AM session for State of Louisiana vs. Pastor Tony Spell. Among many things, the justices questioned why the State had an issue with Pastor Spell busing people to church, and they dug into the reason for the Governor's relentless criminalization of Pastor Spell. We invite you to watch the full court session below and make your own assessments.

Pastor Spell and the Life Tabernacle Church family were denied entrance into the building because visitors needed to show a vaccine card or wear a mask. Keep in mind that New Orleans lifted the city requirements the Monday before the case. Even more, Pastor Spell walked freely through the building on that Monday. However, on Tuesday, the requirements were put back into place. Despite that and a tire blowout on our MCI Bus, we finally got to hear a fair argument of the critical issue at hand: freedom of religion. Does the governor have unlimited power and control in an "emergency?" Does he have to submit to checks and balances? Do governing authorities freely get to trample our civil and religious freedoms as they deem fit? Are such entities bigger than the constitution of the United States? Do our religious freedom take a back seat when fear tosses the world into a state of emergency?

We thank God for the faithful support and prayers of so many, and we prayerfully await a ruling on the case. We also thank God for Jeff Whittenbrink, Pastor Spell's brilliant and astute lawyer.

Be sure to follow the Life Tabernacle Church Facebook page for additional updates.

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