Our leadership team is here and happy to help. Please direct questions or needs to the appropriate department head concerning your questions.

Pastor Tony Spell & Sis. Shaye

Email: tonyspell@me.com

Email: s.spell@yahoo.com

Ph: (225) 485-7833

Emily H.

Chief of Staff

Email Emily H.

Kris & Krystal N.

Bus Maintenance Director (Kris)

Outreach Coordinator (Krystal)

Email Kris and Krystal

Noah Spell

Band Leader

Email Band Leader

Jessica D.

Boy's Connect Superintendent

Email Boys Connect Sup

Courtney T.

Bible Study Coordinator

Email Bible Study Coordinator

David S.

Men's Ministry

Email Men's Ministry

Cornelius & Ashley W. 

Assistants to the Pastor

Email Cornelius and Ashley

Paula T.

Bus Coordinator

Email Bus Coordinator

Jeremy & Nicole B.

Ladies Elevate Superintendent

Email Elevate Ladies Sup

Tammy C.

Little Sprouts Superintendent

Email Little Sprouts Sup

Colton & Katie B.

Guy's Elevate (Colton)

Women's Ministry (Katie)

Email Colton and Katie

Nikki W.

Girl's Connect Superintendent

Email Girls Connect Sup

Deidra P.

Nursery Superintendent

Email Deidra P. About Nursery


9323 Hooper Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70818



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