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Operation "Send the Spells on Vacation!"

For 27 long months, Pastor Tony Spell, Sis. Shaye Spell, and their family have ENDURED extraordinary burden, scrutiny, defamation, stress, ridicule, and sleepless nights for keeping the church open during the pandemic. Finally, on May 13, 2022, we experienced a great victory!! The Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the actions of the governor of Louisiana were unconstitutional.

The Life Tabernacle Church family is so grateful for all the saints of GOD near and far who have suffered and prayed for us and our leadership these last two years!!! We want to send Pastor Tony Spell, Sis. Shaye Spell, and their family on a vacation. Some of us have discussed this, and we wanted to invite you to join in the effort. If you want to show love, thanks, appreciation by donating anything, please do so.

I asked them if they could go on vacation anyplace right now, where would they go? The answer: to Georgia to see their grandbabies. They love their grandchildren so much, and Pastor Spell was restricted from travel these last 27 months. We expect those restrictions to drop immediately, and we want them to have FUN! If you want to contribute to them enjoying pure FUN with their family, we welcome you to donate. 100% of these donations will go directly to them for FUN and relaxation. Thanks be to GOD for amazing leadership!!!! May God continue to restore their soul and strength! Thank you all!

-Kim Noble Calhoun

Life Tabernacle Church media team

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Excellent ideal !!


Faye Samuels
Faye Samuels
May 16, 2022

Great idea! Too funny I was just thinking the same thing! I don’t have a job for the Summer but I would like to make a donation! Thank God for the opportunity to do anything for such a great couple!

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