Reverend Clark Copeland


Reverend Clark Copeland, 22, is a native of Buford, Georgia, who felt a call to preach as a teenager, but he admits he didn’t immediately respond. Yet, as callings sometimes go, he eventually submitted to God. He is fourth-generation Pentecostal, and he comes from a large family of Oneness Pentecostals. He is very grateful for his rich heritage and legacy of faith. Copeland is a full-time evangelist, and he is a member of First Pentecostal Church of Buford, under the leadership of his brother, Pastor Jordan Copeland.

While Copeland is our youngest speaker this year, he still brings a fresh perspective. He has gleaned wisdom and knowledge from his parents, elders, mothers, and mentors in the faith. He is attentive and strives to apply the Godly principles instilled in him as he continues his journey in Christ. One of his favorite books is The Purity Principle by Randy Alcorn, and he recommends it for every Christian to add to their library. In some of his free time, Copeland also enjoys singing songs of praise and worship with his family, playing basketball, and working on vehicles.

Copeland looks forward to the combination of both Commit and Revolution as one 5-day conference now, and he expects it will be an even more powerful gathering. Aside from the people of Louisiana, a place where he has spent significant time, he also loves the food, which he considers the best in the nation. He also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to his coffee; McDonald’s will do just fine for him.

When we asked Reverend Copeland what more would he like to share with the Revolution 2021 attendees, he responded simply, “I am looking forward to the services and being with God’s people.”

We are excited to have Reverend Copeland join our growing legacy of Revolution speakers for Revolution AYC 2021. Follow Reverend Copeland on Instagram.

Reverend George Hurt


Reverend George Hurt of World Evangelism Center is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana who felt a call to preach at age 22. He is an international evangelist, first generation Apostolic, and married to his wife of 15 years, Sis. Natasha Hurt. The two have a 22-year-old daughter named Armour, a 13-year-old son named Isaac, and one 2-month-old granddaughter, Ziyah. You probably wouldn’t find Reverend Hurt in a coffee shop much sipping caffeine since he prefers water, but you might find him reading one of the books that made the greatest impression on him besides the Bible, David Bernard’s The Oneness of God. He also looks forward to visiting Louisiana since he believes the state has the best food in the country!

Reverend Hurt is not only a gifted and fiery preacher, but he operates in the prophetic, words of knowledge, miracles, wisdom, healing, and soul winning. His mission is to compel all men to come to Christ. Reverend Hurt is a supporter of Pastor Tony Spell’s vision for Revolution and he is convinced in his stance. He believes false Christianity is one of the biggest things that plagues the Church today, and he gleans from one of the greatest lessons he learned in 2020: obey God regardless of what others say or do! In fact, he has never been a crowd follower, which is why he uses an Android instead of an Apple smartphone.

In consideration of the current season, Reverend Hurt is adamant about letting Truth be the only reality, and Scripture the news network that he turns to daily. As such, Jesus will find faith in the earth when He returns for His people!

When we asked Reverend Hurt what more would he like to share with the Revolution 2021 attendees, he responded, “Fear Nothing but God; Believe Nothing but God!”

We are excited to have Reverend Hurt join our growing legacy of Revolution speakers for Revolution AYC 2021. You can also learn more about him at

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Reverend Jason Varnum


Reverend Jason Varnum, 43, of Souls Harbor in Belleview, Florida is married to Sis. Holly Varnum, and the two have four children. He finds great joy in that three of them already have the Holy Ghost, and they expect the fourth to receive the Holy Ghost soon. His home life is the product of his childhood, being raised by parents who started evangelizing when they were teenagers. His father started pastoring at the age of 18 and the entire family works together for God. Although Reverend Varnum felt the call to preach in his pre-teen years, he didn’t pursue it until his early 20s. Nowadays his mission is to make it to heaven and get as many people as he can to go with him. You can learn more about his methods at

As an avid reader, Reverend Varnum finds that different books impact him differently at different times; albeit history and leadership books are the ones he enjoys most. That history, along with the Bible, reminds him that there is nothing new under the sun. He believes the Church faces the same problems it has always faced, which is getting people to stick with what they know. “It is the same problem, just a different dress,” he says.

Reverend Varnum is also a good humorist. He considers some of his additional talents to be that of a musician and a magician. And he doesn’t drink coffee because he hasn’t grown up enough yet for it.

Reverend Varnum sees the combination of Revolution and Commit into one 5-day conference a win because time is of the essence. Packing two weeks of conference into one is strategic. He is also excited about enjoying Louisiana crawfish.

When we asked Reverend Varnum what more would he like to share with the Revolution 2021 attendees, he responded, “We are the generation of who the end of the world is come. Now what are we gonna do about it…”

We are excited to have Reverend Varnum join our growing legacy of Revolution speakers for Revolution AYC 2021.

Reverend Ari Prado


Reverend Ari Prado, 42, of East Bay Bible Fellowship in Alameda, California was born and raised in Berkley, California after his parents migrated to the United States to pursue education. He is not the son of a preacher, nor was he raised in a religious family. But when he received the Holy Ghost fire at age 18, he immediately felt a call to preach and hit the ground running. One book that influenced him greatly was J.T. Pugh’s The Wisdom and Power of the Cross. Reverend Prado is also a gifted artist. He draws and paints, and he attended college on a full artistic scholarship.

In addition to pastoring, Reverend Prado is passionate about teaching Bible studies. He is so intent about teaching and equipping others, in fact, that his church recently created and released a Bible study manual and chart called Learn Scripture. This unique, long-term Bible study is designed with first-time teachers in mind, and it includes digital and physical formats to help accommodate any learning environment. Reverend Prado believes one of the biggest issues facing the Church today is the need for more long-term, disciple-based Bible studies.

For Reverend Prado, Faith in this season looks like it always has to him: consistency. It is doing the same thing over and over again, even if you don’t see immediate results. He is even a consistent user of technology—he has been with Apple and never owned anything else.

When we asked Reverend Prado to sum up His mission for Christ in a few words, he said, “Make disciples. One at a time. Always play the long game!”

Reverend Prado looks forward to having good old-fashioned Church with the people of God at Revolution, and he enjoys the diversity of the people in Louisiana, which is much like home to him in California. He also likes the merger of Commit and Revolution as a 5-day conference because we need to reach our communities and our youth. The conference meets that need.

We are excited to have Reverend Prado join our growing legacy of Revolution speakers for Revolution AYC 2021.

Reverend Rick Mayo


Reverend Rick Mayo, 66, of Cornerstone Pentecostal Church in Spokane, Washington, was born and raised in Oakland, California. As the saying goes, he comes from the school of hard knocks. He grew up as a rebellious and disoriented young man, got kicked out of high school due to drug issues, became an alcoholic, and lived the fast life as a heavy metal guitarist for several years of his life. However, Reverend Mayo encountered Jesus and received the Holy Ghost fire at 30 years old, and the call to preach two years later. He lives his life simply and consistently, pursuing God and sharing Him everyplace he goes. As a Pastor and spiritual practitioner, his mission is to train and equip others to teach the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:2). He also teaches a daily morning devotional to subscribers on Youtube.

In consideration of the state of the Church and the spiritual climate, Reverend Mayo believes the biggest, unquestionable issue in America is keeping the main thing the main thing: soul winning, evangelism, and making disciples. As such, Reverend Mayo looks forward to Revolution because young people are desperate for real spiritual direction and purpose, and Revolution provides an environment where those things, and much more, can be discovered. He sees Faith under attack with many voices seeking attention in this hour. Reverend Mayo also believes the Church should be mindful of its inordinate dependency on mainstream media.

When we asked Reverend Mayo what more would he like to share with the Revolution 2021 attendees, he responded, “If you ever felt or wanted to do something for God…NOW is the time and this is the starting place!” He loves the people of Louisiana and looks forward to Revolution!

We are excited to have Reverend Mayo join our growing legacy of Revolution speakers for Revolution AYC 2021.

Reverend Bart Adkins


Reverend Bart Adkins, 39, of Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in High Point, North Carolina, is the son of a pastor who grew up in a musical household and felt the call to preach at age nine. He sang and played multiple instruments with his siblings during childhood, and he became the regular drummer for his father’s church at age five. He sees music as an integral part of worship. He remarks that even King David, with all of his faults, knew how to bring glory to God in Word, music, and song. His father drilled these principles into him at an early age. Along with his musical gifts, which includes singing, saxophone, and piano, Reverend Adkins is also a skilled marksman and avid writer. One book he appreciates is “Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me” by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson. “[The book] exposes and explains the universal human fallacies of self-justification, perspective, and confabulation,” he says. “It has helped me better understand people in general, and thereby become a better pastor.”

In light of his perceptions, Reverend Adkins believes that WE are the biggest problem facing the church—from the personal demons we wrestle to character defects that plague us to non-salvific quarrels, and the endless number of other quirks. He believes we have to look at the person in the mirror and conquer our fear, anxieties, doubts, complaining, cynicism, quitting, and other issues. We have to be consistent in this season and keep our word to God.

In terms of technology, Reverend Adkins says, “I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Applestolic, with an iMac, iPhone, MacBook, and iPad, but hear me clearly when I say this: Siri is an idiot. I severely miss the speech recognition superiority of my Droid. Sigh. Tis’ the price we pay for iMessage.” He is also a Starbucks fan: flat white, extra shot, extra hot.

The year 2020 taught many lessons, and the biggest one Reverend Adkins learned, as Zach Williams sings it, is that fear is a liar. He is amped about rocking the house for Jesus at Revolution, and looks forward to the united anointed, talent, and preaching in the Holy Ghost!


We are excited to have Reverend Adkins join our growing legacy of Revolution speakers for  Revolution AYC 2021.

Daniel Massey, Director of Music


Daniel Massey, director of music, is returning for Revolution 2021. Massey is a Greensburg, Indiana native who credits his musician father for his passion and love for music. He is a rare breed who prefers to study quietly, to learn deeply, and to keep the spotlight on Jesus Christ. For the last nineteen years, he has been a faithful member of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle, and he serves in the music department under the leadership of Pastor Jeff Sangl.

Massey, 39, has served musically, nationally and internationally, and he brings a marked intensity and drive for excellence. While more recently, his primary instrument is keys, he also plays bass guitar and got his start musically at the age of five behind a drum set.


He appreciates using Apple products as a musician because Apple is resourceful for music production and software. If you’ve ever witnessed Massey leading in music, then you might have guessed he was born to do this. Music truly runs through his bloodline and spirit. When he is not playing music, he enjoys spending time fishing, boating, snowboarding, and cooking.

In consideration of our current season, Massey says the biggest lesson he’s learned in the last 12 months is found in Proverbs 18:13—“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is a shame and a folly unto him.” He views 2020 as the year of ultimate media misinformation with news outlets reporting, responding, and addressing topics prematurely before they truly know the whole matter. “Learning to be more careful in not responding to hot topics, and current events of our day, until after I know the whole story has been the lesson learned in 2020,” says Massey. “Even a fish, who keeps his mouth closed, doesn’t get caught.”

When we asked Massey to sum up his mission for Christ in a few words, he responded: “To be an asset to my home church.” In fact, his greatest passion musically is serving at his home church in Indiana.

Massey is looking forward to yet another and welcomed visit to the state of Louisiana where he finds the food second only to the kind and loving people who reside there.

While he says his favorite kind of coffee is free coffee, he still loves the fact that Revolution has a coffee truck that is so conveniently parked outside the event center to help make it through those long music practices.

We are excited to have Daniel Massey join us again for #RevolutionAYC2021

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