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Pastor Tony Spell

In some circles, he is known as the "Original Apostolic" due to his radical, fire-breathing preaching. In other circles, he is known as "Defiant" for disregarding the orders of the Governor and keeping the doors of the Church open during the 2020 pandemic. Pastor Tony Spell is the visionary behind Revolution, and his goal is to encourage young people and adults to passionately engage in reaching the lost and remaining steadfast, unmovable, and always abounding in the world of the Lord!

Pastor Tony Spell and his wife, Sis. Shaye Spell, have led Life Tabernacle Church for more than 14 years of intense service and faithfulness to the Lord. They have three adult children--Chaney (married to Pastor Jordan Copeland)  Noah, and Judah--and three grandchildren. The mission they have can be summed up in one word: OTHERS.

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Reverend Joel Buxton

Reverend Joel Buxton and his wife have a great vision to reach every place and household in San Diego Country with the Gospel through the church they pastor, Hilltop Tabernacle. Reverend Buxton's life of deep consecration and deep travail continues to aid him in the mission to reach the lost, which has been the mission of Hilltop for its more than 27-year history.

Hilltop is considered "Home of the Pentecostal Experience" in the San Diego area. A big part of Reverend Buxton's vision is that "The Church has Left the Building." He encourages the saints to not be bound by walls, and his perspectives connects deeply with the spirit of Revolution, to equip a generation for reaching the lost, especially through our dynamic soul-winning seminar. 

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Reverend Rusty Adkins

Do you remember Reverend Bart Adkins? Of course. His firecracker preaching graced our Revolution conference two times as a speaker. Well, Reverend Rusty Adkins is the uncle of that firecracker. 

Located in Molino, Florida, Reverend Adkins and his wife Pastor Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle. 

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Reverend Kerry Jones

Reverend Kerry Jones unleashed some power on the drums during our 2022 Revolution,  but he also carries the powerful Word of God deep in his heart. He served for 5 and a 1/2 years as a youth pastor at The Sanctuary Apostolic Pentecostal Church under the direction of Pastor Bertram.

He is our youngest speaker this year,  down-to-earth, relatable, and possesses a deep passion for young people. He also embraces his Southern roots, a native of Alabama, friendly, chill, and approachable.

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Reverend Isaiah Dunn

Born and raised on a Pentecostal Oneness pew, Reverend Isaiah Dunn backslide in his late teens because he was "tired of going to church." He attended, but wasn't PRESENT. That decision led to his becoming a drug dealer, abusing pain medication, and battling suicide. The night he should have died, Jesus stepped into His life, and He found himself at an Apostolic altar, praying through  to the Holy Ghost. He surrendered his life completely and never looked back.

Reverend Dunn visited Life Tabernacle Church during the 2020 pandemic and he and his wife befriended the Spells. As servants, they helped around the premises, painted, and pitched in wherever possible. While he resides in Johnson City, Tenneesee, Reverend Dunn is often traveling the country in his RV with his wife and beautiful children, sharing the Gospel and living the life of a servant.

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Reverend Mark Copeland

A Pentecostal Apostolic maverick of sorts, Reverend Mark Copeland is a no-nonsense preacher that is striving to pull souls from hellfire. As Pastor of Pine Grove Church in Mississippi, his vision is to instill a love for the Word of  God in youth and adults alike.

You've heard two of his nephews toss fireballs across the pulpit with their preaching--Reverend Ben Copeland and his brother, Reverend Clark Copeland. Well, this is the uncle.

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Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment

This dramatic presentation by Dan Fisher serves as an educational moment for our guests, acted with the use of monologues, costumes, props, and clips. The events of 2020 that closed several churches could have been averted had our churches trusted the Word of God and understood more about the history of the country in which we live. 

As such, this stage production using multimedia and other enriching elements, will provide insight into your rights as a Christian in America (and around the world) and ways to stand as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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