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Fire Marshal Craziness! 35 Days Away.

Okay. We slow down a bit to SHOW you this part of the journey that we call “Government Corruption Visibly Seen.” Firstly, the Louisiana Fire Marshal requires us to put up FOUR six-foot doors across this open side of our beautiful indoor/outdoor pavilion. Please let that sink into your minds. If you’ve seen the property, then you know that this side is either completely open or closed with vinyl walls to hold in A/C (depending on the weather). Y’all we are building doors here. DOORS! According to what the Fire Marshals require. Not walls. Just FOUR freestanding doors. According to them, there has to be “designated exits” although the ENTIRE open side is a designated exit. Human beings know how to exit an indoor/outdoor building should this metal structure decide to ever burn. Again, this is the Louisiana Fire Marshal requiring this. Check out some of the pictures at the bottom of the page.

Secondly, and for the record, the Fire Marshal also withheld the permit to build these requirements for 27 days when it should’ve been a maximum of 24 hours. They kept going back and forth with no good reason. Pastor Spell finally threatened them with a lawsuit, and they released the permits immediately. And so we started building the incomprehensible requirements. THIS is only part of the insane evil they have determined against us. It is insanity! We live in a state and world increased in violence, shootings in schools, youth die every single day in our state because of gun violence, mental illness has increased, and gender confusion is promoted, to say the least. Even just yesterday, a huge accident occurred after a police chase from Baton Rouge to Central after a hijacking. BUT our corrupt politicians and officials waste time and money coming against a church striving to do good in the community. Let that sink in—and keep on the full armor of GOD! This is real life!And we are here for it always ready for battle. Keep praying for Pastor Spell and Sis. Spell, God’s people, and for the work. And remember Revolution AYC is June 29-July 3, 2022. Keep contending for the Faith! 👊🏻🔥🔥

Learn more and register for our 5-day, Fire revival style conference at Be sure to see Sis. Krystal New anytime during the conference to prepare for the soul winning seminar, also known as Revolution GEAUX (pronounced GO!). You can also email us ahead of time to sign up at

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Where do we sign up for the "soul winning seminar"?

Replying to

Just see Sis. Krystal New anytime during the conference. She is our outreach director. You can also email ahead of time and let us know your name and age. And the name of age of any other persons in your group.

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