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Myth Busters About Homeschool by Sis. Shaye Spell

1. Homeschoolers are not able to socialize. FALSE! Not only are homeschooled children able to socialize, but they usually tend to have less “trendy and slang” vocabulary because of conversing with parents or church homeschool groups. Church is a great place for youngsters to get their fellowship and socialization. Homeschooled children are especially able to converse well in a workforce environment, excel at interviews, and be more adept at public speaking!

2. Homeschool would take me all day and I just don’t have the time! FALSE! Children who are homeschooled tend to complete their lessons in HALF the time as public school! Think about it…no roll call, no changing classes, no stopping for announcements or school events, and recesses kept to a minimum? Typically, our high schooler’s homeschool day lasts from 8am-12pm, with a 15 min break in the middle!

3. Homeschooled students cannot attend college. FALSE!

Not only can homeschooled children get into any college in the USA, but most states allow them to dual enroll in universities as well as community colleges in high school, or as soon as they can pass an entrance exam! My children were dual enrolled at Southeastern Louisiana University, Baton Rouge Community College, and Southern University beginning at ages 14-15!

A certain ACT score or the student passing an entrance exam are the usual requirements!

4. Homeschool is EXPENSIVE! FALSE! Did you know that in Louisiana homeschoolers can BORROW PUBLIC SCHOOL CURRICULUM after the public students receive what they need for the year? Contact the administrator at your local public school and request to borrow or check out one set of books for each student at the appropriate grade level. Be prepared to present a copy of your approval for home study and to pay a deposit on the books. OR…contact the textbook or curriculum supervisor at the local school board office and request to borrow or checkout one set of books for each student at the appropriate grade level. Be prepared to present a copy of your approval for home study and to pay a deposit on the books. There’s also an option to purchase


Also, parents are in complete control of whatever curriculum they CHOOSE to teach their children! You do NOT have to teach common core curriculum! Do your research, ask around, try a few until your find what works for your child/children. A few of my favorites:

  • Abeka (Either parent taught, DVD program, or live streamed)

  • Time4Learning (online)

  • Saxon (just for 4-12th grade MATH)

  • Teaching Textbooks (online)

  • Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) (Can either be self taught or parent taught).

These are some that I have used first-hand! Search YouTube or the website for a GREAT SOURCE OF INFORMATION!

5. I am not capable of teaching my own children. FALSE! There are thousands of free resources available online, there are many free or inexpensive online classes, and you are fully capable of being the main influence for learning in your child’s life! Seek out other home school parents, join a homeschool group or an online group to glean inspiration.

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Thank you Sister Spell for this great information.


Shirley J Barlow
Shirley J Barlow
Aug 23, 2021

I agree!!


I agree Sister Spell!

If God made a way for ME, God will make a way for YOU. And I don't have any Pentecostal heritage. I'm the pilgrim. God gave me my currently held job in 2019 and they allowed me to take my child to work with me & gave me a cubicle (which was used 95% by my student). Prior to that, when I worked for Kaiser Permanente until my child was four years old, I got to work at home. Long testimony. I had to go in for one year but then God provided a way out JUST IN TIME for my child to start school at the age of five. Long testimony.

Back to my current…

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