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Revolution AYC 2021: The Apostolic Fire in Central, LA

For four long months, Pastor Tony Spell, Sis. Shaye Spell, the Life Tabernacle Church

Revolution AYC 2021 altar service

family, and several crews and contractors worked tirelessly around the clock, sweating profusely in the Louisiana humidity to help transform the newly acquired property into an oasis fitting for the vision of Revolution AYC 2021. From clearing trees, fences, and undergrowth, to pouring concrete and laying board after board for the lake decking, the unity in accomplishing this magnificent task will forever remain a highlight in the history of Life Tabernacle Church. Surely the Lord provided skilled artisans and craftsmen for the artistic and laborious works of this project, just as he did for Moses in Exodus 31.

The expansion continued from March 2021 through the early morning hours of the conference. On Wednesday, June 30, workers poured blacktop to connect the lake decking to the vendor circle. Two days prior to that, Reverend Timothy Spell and his crew laid the stone pathway that connected The Hangout to the sidewalk. The day after, the crew placed stones from The Freedom Center to the lake. Some of the same staff continued serving throughout the conference with no break, praising God and fellowshipping with guests from across the country.

Meristem Tree company cutting limbs

The prayers, the anticipation—the fire of the Holy Ghost spread into the hearts of people, and we witnessed the fulfillment of an excellent vision. We saw several souls baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, many renewed in the Holy Ghost, and others who received the gift for the first time! It truly is a reminder to cling tightly to I Corinthians 15:50, which exhorts the Church, the beloved in Christ, to “be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” Pastor Spell & Sis. Spell never quit in their vision to create a place where the youth and the saints can come together in fellowship.

For those unfamiliar with the methodology of music dynamics for Revolution, our band director, Bro. Dan Massey, and his team started rehearsals months before the conference. While some members reside in different states, they kept in contact via phone, and small groups who live in the same area rehearsed together.

Excellence in Christ is always the goal for Bro. Massey who has a bit of a reputation in

Bro. Blake leading "Something Happens When I Call Your Name"

the Apostolic music world as a militant, regimented artist. As such, the band and singers practiced hard, and he prayerfully and intentionally chose musical selections that spoke to the spirit of Revolution AYC 2021!

“There’s very much a ‘no-one-like-our God, greatest God, undefeated' theme going on with the songs!” said Massey.

And truly, that embodies the vision, especially for Revolution AYC 2021, birthed and expanded on the scarred backs of Pastor Tony Spell’s courageous stand against governmental intrusion on the Church. Despite multiple arrests, citations, criticisms, ridicule, media backlash, headaches, lost friends, stress—Pastor Spell and Sis. Spell stood fast, trusting God to be who He has always been. A God that “Never Lost a Battle,” who will “Do It Again” because He is the “Undefeated” “Name Above All Names,” compelling a “Hallelujah Anyhow” from those who declare: “I Will Call Upon the Lord!”

Reverend George Hurt ministering

The Church learned many lessons in this season, and the preached Word of God underscored those lessons and propelled us to a deeper, more bold relationship with the Lord. We thank God for Reverend Bart Adkins, Reverend Rick Mayo, Reverend Clark Copeland, Reverend George Hurt, Reverend Ari Prado, and Pastor Tony Spell for delivering the Word of God! We strongly encourage you to subscribe to Holy Ghost Radio on Youtube or visit their website here for those sermons. If you find yourself becoming weary, listen again and again.

After three days of preaching and a Holy Ghost outpouring, Saturday of Revolution AYC 2021 started with an outreach seminar. Our staff served coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts to guests for Day 4 energy. As a sidenote, Revolution AYC incorporates elements of tent-style revival preaching and soul winning. Both of these things remain bedrock principles of the Church, and it smoothly infuses the former Commit conference with Revolution as one week-long conference. Pastor Spell taught on outreach methods, both practical and spiritual, which included responses to questions from the audience. The seminar concluded with hands-on training as attendees loaded onto various buses to different parts of the city. The goal is to encourage the generation to continue sharing the Gospel because it is what God told us to do.

“The Gospel works everywhere,” Pastor Spell said during a recent Tuesday night service. It is not a suggestion to go. It’s a command.

Bro. Borque baptizing a soul in the Name of Jesus

For Sunday’s service, we had 826 riders on our buses! To God be the glory! Pastor Spell also put together a choir to sing, incorporating people from different states across the country. What a time in the Holy Ghost we had during our last service!

Revolution AYC 2021 officially concluded Sunday with a talent show and singing by the Spells, but we stayed on the campus until the last person left into the late morning hours, fellowshipping and having a good time in the Lord.

The conference also included fun activities like canoeing, swimming, baseball, volleyball, fireworks, food trucks, a Noah’s Ark petting zoo, shopping, and more. Scripture tells us in John 21:25 that “there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.”

We parallel those sentiments to say, simply, you should have been here if you missed it! This life-changing experience will impact generations to come. And we are only just getting started. We thank God for the countless friendships and connections made. Thanks to all of the servants who helped. Thanks for every prayer and donation. Prepare yourself for Revolution AYC 2022, June 29-July 3. Keep that Apostolic fire going! If you need encouragement, connect with us and your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Friday, March 5, 2021: New Property sunrise service


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