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The Tale of Two Tonys by Dillion Morse

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

By Dillon Morse

Tony Fauci gave directions to officials to close all churches.

Tony Spell refused to close his church.

Tony Fauci was praised as an expert for keeping people safe.

Tony Spell was attacked by everyone (I must admit, to my shame, even me) as being wrong.

Tony Fauci admitted privately that masks do not work, but publicly demanded everyone wear at least one, but as many as three or four.

Tony Spell has never worn a mask, and has suffered legal and public consequences for it.

Tony Fauci believed he WAS God, took a virus from a bat, and changed it to make people sick.

Tony spell believed IN God, that he was created with natural immunity, and that God could keep him well or heal him.

Tony Fauci was leaned upon for consultation by the executive branch of two presidential administrations.

Tony Spell has been publicly attacked by the Governor of Louisiana, who has used all of his unlimited emergency powers to destroy Tony Spell for being non compliant with Tony Fauci’s rules.

Tony Fauci has closed down all of the schools, where many poor Louisiana kids get the best meals of their week.

Tony Spell has kept his church buses rolling, picking up kids weekly to attend church and get a hot meal.

Tony Fauci has not had any scrutiny or tough interviews from the media.

Tony Spell has had nothing but slanted and biased reporting against him.

Tony Fauci has had zero oversight, and even now cannot give an account for taxpayer money that likely built the coronavirus, which has killed millions. He has not been surveilled or investigated. He has never come close to being arrested.

Tony Spell has been under audio and visual surveillance since his first refusal to stop having church. He has been investigated by every possible government agency.

He has been arrested 33 times!

He has been to court nine times to defend his name. He is facing 18 years and an unknown amounts of fines and penalties.

No one has died from his actions.

Finally, even after reading this, many of you still prefer Tony Fauci to Tony Spell?

Tony Fauci is still regarded as some type of hero while Tony Spell is regarded as some type of villain?

Please reconsider your position, and redirect some of your past outspoken attacks upon Tony Spell towards Tony Fauci where they belong. Tony Spell has been honest and consistent from the beginning. He is a good man that you may have misjudged. Tony Fauci has lied to you from the beginning, and he has not been consistent about anything.

This is the tale of two Tonys.

Which one do you prefer?

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1 comentário

Faye Samuels
Faye Samuels
06 de jul. de 2021

With absolutely positively no question, I choose Pastor Tony Spell!! Dr. Tony Fauci is a hack and should be indicted and convicted for crimes against humanity!! He along with our government orchestrated this heinous act.

Thank God Pastor Spell had the spiritual foresight to see this for what it is and adamantly refuse to close the Church!

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